Lately Decentralized finance (Defi)has added great value to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and so many people have benefited from the tools been built to keep things going smoothly, products such as:





has added value to every investment made in Defi ecosystem and therefore increasing the adoption of decentralized services, more people are coming in adding to the developing of more products and services.

We want to play a role in the adoption of Defi, for this reason we are building the OZEE Ecosystem a new generation of decentralized finance built on the Ethereum blockchain with the aim of rewarding…

Security is a huge cause of concern with regard to blockchain technology and the world in general. For an application to be trustworthy it has to be safe and secure, to this aim Ozee finance develop a method of securing users data on ZEE wallet app.

To achieve this, the users data which includes login details like private keys and passphrase together with saved wallet addresses and more are saved on each user’s device. …

As mentioned in our white paper, Ozee finance is created with the aim of rewarding long term investors, we intend to create an ecosystem where every investors gain interest on their investment made. Hence our team will always work to provide the best use case for our tokens.

Present features of our ecosystem include:

Staking and yield farming

in this process investors will be able to stake and farm their tokens, allowing them to earn up to 50% APY. …


Ozee is the new generation of DeFi

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